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Home Furniture

Home Furniture

In today’s throw away culture, more so than ever people will simply buy new furniture instead of repairing or recovering the pieces they have already. As the demand for home furnishing upholstery diminishes, the art of furniture upholstery slowly becomes forgotten. Fortunately, the craftsman at Fine Line Interiors remember. We remember that furniture made with the highest quality materials are built to last and can be passed down to future generations. At Fine Line Interiors we believe everyone should live in the home of their dreams, and we want to help make that dream come true. With thousands of samples of fabrics, leathers, and vinyls in our collection, our staff is sure to help you find the perfect material to suit your taste and complement you home. Our artisans transform your favorite piece of furniture into an elegant new addition to your home. They also restore antiques and heirlooms as if they just came off the showroom floor. Furniture upholstery isn’t just about completely changing and recovering furniture, Fine Line Interiors can also repair your furniture, saving you the money and hassle of buying something new. Our expert staff can match the material seamlessly and replace sections with damage or wear. We also can replace the foam of your cushions or replace the springs and webbing which will give your furniture the support and comfortability it once had. Whether you are looking for a custom addition for your home, the restoration of your favorite sofa or antique, or just repairing a worn or torn cushion, let the experts at Fine Line Interiors be your partners in making all your home furnishing dreams come true.

  • Custom Window cushions

  • Antique Restoration

  • Furniture Reupholstery

  • Custom Pillows

  • Slipcovers       

  • Headboards

  • Foam, Cotton, or polyester replacement & refilling

  • Spring and webbing replacement

  • Cushion repair and replacement

Outdoor Upholstery

Outdoor Upholstery

Don’t let the name mislead you. Our home furnishing services don't stop at the door and Fine Line Interiors doesn’t work solely on interiors. Fine Line Interiors can serve all your outdoor furnishing needs.  Outdoor upholstery done expertly can turn a deck or patio into a Bonus Room. Fine Line Interiors has thousands of samples of outdoor materials that are designed to withstand the elements without fading. Our outdoor materials are manufactured with antimicrobials that won’t allow mold and fungus to ruin your upholstery. We use special quick-dry foam that allows water to pass through. As its name implies, quick-dry dries quickly preventing rainy days from ruining your upholstery. Outdoor upholstery is more than just cushions and seating. We have countless samples of shade cloth from designer canvas to polyester. We can help you turn your deck or patio into a comfortable shady place, essentially adding a room to your home. Let the experts at Fine Line Interiors help your outdoor space reach its full potential. 


  • Outdoor cushion repair

  • Outdoor cushion foam replacement

  • Shade cloth sunscreens

  • Custom outdoor cushions

  • Air conditioner unit covers

  • Endless more based on your needs

Patio Upholstery

Patio Upholstery

Patio furniture may not be the first thing you think of when you think upholstery. In some cases, replacement is the easier and less costly solution. For high-end sling mesh and canvas chairs, replacing failing material is well worth the investment to extend the life of your patio furniture. At Fine Line Interiors, we have a large selection of name brand canvas (Sunbrella™), and PVC Mesh (Phifertex™) to repair or update your patio furniture. We can repair or create custom covers for your barbeque, heaters, and outdoor counters. Give your patio that clean custom look while protecting your patio appliances from the elements with matching custom covers and chairs made by the Craftsman at Fine Line Interiors today.

  • Mesh patio chair repair and recover

  • Canvas sling chairs repair and recover 

  • Barbeque cover and repair

  • Custom outdoor counter covers

  • Custom outdoor appliance covers

  • And so much more

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