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Automotive Interiors

Automotive Interiors

Fine Line Trim and Upholstery has worked diligently to establish itself as the premier automotive interior shop in the greater Sacramento Area. It's a reputation we are proud of and work hard to maintain. When you talk to your local service shop owner, ask them who they recommend for upholstery and there's a good chance they'll say Fine Line.
From something as small as a panel replacement for your seat, to a full leather interior install and everything in between, Fine Line Trim and Upholstery is the only call you need to make. Looking for something with a custom touch?
Fine Line Trim and Upholstery's experts can craft your custom interior, (designed by you with our sales staff) from start to finish. Fine Line Trim has taken custom interiors to the next level with an on-site CNC custom panel sewing machine. We are the only shop in Northern California with those bragging rights. We provide you with dozens of classic and unique patterns to choose from to make your custom interior stand out from the rest. Need repairs to your daily drive in a hurry?
In certain cases, we repair and replace while you wait, saving you money and the hassle of finding a ride.


  • Foam cushion repair/replacement

  • Seat cover repair/replacement

  • Custom seats and door panels

  • Armrest and center console recover/install

  • Cloth to leather interior installation (check availability)

  • Panel replacement for cuts and tears in seat covers

  • Logos and custom embroidery

  • Custom insert panels

  • Reseam and restitch failing seams

Headliners and Carpets

Headliners and Carpets

Automotive interiors are more than just seats and trim. At Fine Line Trim our technicians can give your vehicle a sleek new look from top to bottom. While a new headliner can be aesthetically pleasing, your headliner can be more important than you realize, both for efficiency and safety. A sagging headliner doesn’t just look terrible, it compromises the insulation between you and the roof of your vehicle. Insulation that both keeps heat out as well as keeping the cool air in. The same applies to insulating road noise.  A sagging headliner also can obstruct your view and distract you while you drive. Fine Line's experts are here to help. With hundreds of headliner samples for early and late model vehicles, our staff will seamlessly match your vehicle's headliner making your headliner look just like it did when it left the assembly line.
If it’s something more custom or classic your vehicle needs, we also offer suede and vinyl options. Whether your vehicle is a classic with sewn vinyl headlining or you want to give your vehicle a face lift changing the color or material completely, the pros at Fine Line Trim have you covered. Just as important to the overall look of your vehicle, your carpet also serves a dual purpose. Your carpet and the layers beneath it also insulate both temperate & noise. With carpet kits available for most makes and models, replacing your carpet can be done quickly and at a reasonable cost. Maybe your carpet looks great, but road noise is still an issue. Fine Line Trim can install Hushmat™ or Dynomat™ that adds insulation from road noise, heat, and vibration on your vehicles floorboards and door panels giving you a much smoother, quieter ride. Contact the pros at Fine Line today for a free estimate and get your ride looking great from top to bottom.


  • Headliner replacement

  • Sunroof Fabric Replacement

  • Sun Visor Recover 

  • Classic Vinyl 

A New car inside interiors
Tops and Covers
Convertable with young lady

Tops and Covers

Fine Line Trim has some of the best professional installers in Northern California. Our installation Techs have the tools, experience, and skill to install your top, so it looks great, and fits properly.  When it comes to convertible tops Fine Line has you covered. For convertible car owners, the joy of driving with the top down on a sunny day is the reason for owning a convertible. But when the top has to come up and the weather starts to change, that joy can give way and leave you with some real problems. On average you can expect to get 5-8 years out of a soft top before it needs replacing for various reasons. Discoloration, sagging, mold, and broken seams are some of the most common reasons that convertible tops need to be replaced. The reason that most of our customers need a new top is the adhesive has failed on the rear window. Unfortunately, once the adhesive fails the top will need to be replaced. While Fine Line Trim can install most tops, we do encourage our customers to either purchase their top through Fine Line or from one of our approved vendors. This is not for any reason other than to ensure that you get the right top made with material that will last. All too often customers are lured in with cheaper tops made with substandard materials that may save you money in the short term but will cost you more in the end when you have to get your top replaced again. Let the pros at fine Line Trim install your top and get you back to enjoying those sunny drives again today. Our top expertise isn’t limited to convertibles. Fine Line Trim also installs vinyl landau tops, and tonneau covers. While Vinyl tops may have gone out of style decades ago, the Pro’s at Fine Line Trim will have your car’s vinyl top looking like it’s the eighties again. Most vinyl top cars have kits available at a reasonable price and with dozens of colors and styles available Fine Line can have your classic car’s vinyl top looking like it just rolled off the assembly line.



  • Standard Convertible Top Repair / Replacement. 

  • Scissor top Convertible top Repair Replacement

  • Convertible top headliner replacement

  • Viny / Cloth Landau Top Installation

  • Tonneau covers for trucks/side cars/race cars/ etc.

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